3 Little White Lies

I caught myself in a little white lie (again).  It was super small.  Insignificant really.  But, the words just found their way out of my mouth.

Do you do it?  Of course you do!  Well maybe if you have reached a state of pure self love & unwavering acceptance of your authentic soul all the time…maybe then you don’t ever speak them.  But, I know I am talking to a human on the other side of this technology device and we all have a tendency to fall into our shadow selves.  We see ourselves as somehow less than and not enough.  We are conflict avoiders.  We are afraid to let our true colors be known.  We are out to prove something.  And the fib reasons can go on.  I am here to confess the ones I occasionally fall victim to:

3 little white lies:

1. I have exaggerated a story to ensure I am validated & accepted.
2. I have played down my true beliefs so as not to make another person uncomfortable.
3. I have agreed with someone’s comment when I don’t truly agree.

I know. I know. I should know better since I know where all those little white lies go. They are sent out into the universal wave lengths which means I will be given more life situations where I am tempted to hide behind my shadow side through tiny lies.  Oh great.  And if that wasn’t enough, as soon as those false words are spoken, guess where all those falsities get shoved down into?  You guessed it — into the body!

Yet just another reason I love my yoga practice.  Since the body never lies, yoga helps to uncover the truth and shed the old lies that have unconsciously been shoved deep into the fascia, cells, nerves, etc.  When you harness the breath & melt into yoga postures, you get the old inauthentic energetic kinks out and you shed light onto your true self.  You will know what it feels like to truly heal from the inside out.

If you can feel it, you can heal it.

As you feel the tensions release, know that you are tapping into your spiritual self where you have the realization that truth will always set you free.  And insert one of my favorite Dr Wayne Dyer messages:

First remember that you are a spirit in a human body rather than a body with a spirit.

We are here to spiritually grow, love, co-create, and above all else to forgive ourselves and others (from all those lies).  So embrace this human experience and live it from a point of truth; your growth will accelerate and others will want to join your party since true authenticity is contagiously sexy. Before I close today’s chat, try on this cool mantra outfit (one size fits all):

I am real.  I am honest with compassion.  I am a truth vibe trend setter.

Trust me when I say; when you wear that outfit it will feel like you are giving yourself a big hug (and I’m not exaggerating). Plus, you will get the most compliments EVER when you wear that outfit!

Until our paths cross again.

In love & light,


Wendy brings a holistic approach to her teaching which has been influenced by 20+ years of studying Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Shamanism, Ayurveda, Reconnective Healing & Energy and Spirit Coaching.  Her life's work is to help people to remove energetic blocks so they can live authentic lives.  She is founder of Be You Naturally; an intuitive chakra energy product & training.  She is a perpetual student of life and through her introspective work she has been guided to her gurus.  She feels blessed to be a guide to others as she leads global life changing yoga healing retreats & workshops.  When not on her yoga mat,  she loves to walk in the woods with her dog, beat on her drum, and relax with book.  
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