'Rose Quartz Amethyst' Mala
'Rose Quartz Amethyst' Mala

Kundalini girl

'Rose Quartz Amethyst' Mala

Mala Rose Quartz - Amethyst ‚ÄĒrudraksh¬†

This mala is made of rose quartz, amethyst and rudraksh. The pendant is made of sterling silver and amethyst.  


length: 88 cm 

Stones ; rose quartz

Color: shiny pink 

Power: love, harmony, self worth

Stones; amethyst 

Color; transparant purple

Power; intuition, helps against addiction 


Exclusive design ‚ÄĒ Handmade and exclusive. All jewelry of Kundalini girl is made with respect for you and nature.¬†