Teacher and Ambassador program

For all you teachers or trainers out there:

You are a yoga, pilates, fitness, surf, swim, dance, … teacher/trainer and you love BeBillie. You teach on a regular basis. Send us your certificate or any other proof of teaching or training and you’ll receive a discount code of 10% on every purchase. The only requirement we ask is that if you post on Instagram or Facebook you tag @Be_Billie wearing of course one of our outfits.  

Contact us if you know you can have the teacher discount. 


You want to take it a step further?

Become a Billie ambassador. As an ambassador you help spread the beauty of our strong men and women who call themselves a Billie.

Ambassador requirements;

  • You practice yoga, pilates, surf, swimming, dance or any other sports.
  • You really believe in BeBillie and our mission to raise awareness on sports, movement, but especially on strong women and men who believe in themselves no matter what.
  • You wear our clothing.
  • You love and like our Facebook page and Instagram page.
  • You have a very active Instagram or Facebook account.
  • You love to share your love for the Billie community through your Instagram or Facebook page.
  • You buy at least once a month at Bebillie webshop or shop.
  • You post at least once a week and tag @be_billie in your posts.
  • On your sport or active posts, you always wear Billie clothing.


Ambassador Benefits;

  • You get a 30% discount on every purchase.
  • You get involved in decisions on new brands and more…
  • Occasional surprises.
  • You get first chance to buy when new products arrive.


Contact us when you are interested or when you really want to be an ambassador.