'Aquamarijn - Opaliet' Mala
'Aquamarijn - Opaliet' Mala

Kundalini girl

'Aquamarijn - Opaliet' Mala

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Mala aquamarijn‚ÄĒopaliet¬†¬†

This mala is made of shiny and bold aquamarijn with opalite. 


Exclusive design ‚ÄĒ Handmade and exclusive. All jewelry of Kundalini girl is made with respect for you and nature.¬†



Length: 88 cm 

Stones: aquamarijn (shiny and frosted) 

Color; lightbleu 

Power: reflection, calming, mental clarity

Stones: opalite  

Color: white 

Power: love, hope, hapiness