'Eye Pillow'
'Eye Pillow'
'Eye Pillow'


'Eye Pillow'

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This hot/cold pack is filled with line seed. This means you can use it as a cold pack but also heated.

  • In the fridge; to relax your eyes, give you more energy and for sore joints.
  • In the microwave: (put a litte cup of water next to the pillow in the microwave, so it doesn’t dry out) 1,5 min 750 Watt,
    • to relax your head, your eyes,
    • when you have a headache
    • sore muscles in the back

A hot/cold pack deepens your relaxation as it gives a little pressure on a painful spot. The scent of Line seed is relaxing. You can also use a little drop of lavender on the pillow and use it between your clothes for a nice relaxing smell.

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